Why not become a ST-ART Young Apprentice?

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If you are interested in art and would like to learn skills to young people why not consider becoming a ST-ART Young Apprentice?

LEADER funding has enabled ST-ART to give young people aged between 16 and 25 years the opportunity to help out on activities that they now feel too old to attend.  Young people have learnt new skills and gained an insight into what it is like to be a freelance artist. They have also given valuable support to artists during busy sessions by helping children attending.  The scheme enables apprentices to gain real paid work experience with full evaluation of their efforts.  This has helped some of them choose their further education path and is useful to put on their CV’s.

Below, one of the first Young Apprentices, Jess Lewis, explains what attracted her to the scheme and how she has benefited.
Jess Lewis was first introduced to the ST-ART Young Apprentice Scheme in June 2010 and was part of the scheme until she left the area to study Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria University.

ST-ART Young Apprentice Jess Lewis

“Before I started I was aware of my career aspirations but lacked the confidence to pursue them to their full potential,” said Jess.

“Being involved with the Young Apprentice Scheme allowed me to explore my creative ideas and become more aware of exactly the path I would like to take and how to reach those goals which has given me increased confidence.”

“The artists themselves, especially the ST-ART co-ordinator Janine Knight, are very supportive of each individual apprentice and help them in any way they can to aid both their artistic knowledge and academia.”

Jess went on:  “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with and as part of ST-ART.”

“I am proud to be a part of something which helps and provides enjoyment and skills to children who might not necessarily be able to access it anywhere else. I really do feel it has become a part of the community it covers and makes it a better place for children to grow up in.”

If you are a young person with an interest in art and enjoy working with children why not follow in Jess’s footsteps and join the ST-ART Young Apprentice Scheme.

Like Jess, Tess Lari was one of the first ST-ART Young Apprentices and said it had  been an amazing and inspiring programme to be a part of over the last three years.

“It has made me realise what a huge effect art can have on many different people,”she said. “It has been so rewarding and inspiring to have the opportunity to work alongside the young people on the activities; hearing their ideas and watching them work together. It has also been very interesting for me to work with children of different ages and abilities from a variety of backgrounds.

“It has widened my artistic knowledge and experience and given confidence to my work over the last year at college where I was doing an Art Foundation course, and given me memories I will treasure.”

Tess added that theprogramme had also given her  the amazing opportunity to work alongside many different professional artists, all of whom have inspired and encouraged her, not only on the activities but in her own work also.

“Several of them have helped me develop new ideas and realise new and exciting  routes  of where to take my own work. On a slightly less professional note, the atmosphere of the programme is much like a little family, each and every artist who I have worked with has helped me in some way, and it has and still remains a great comfort to know that I have the support from such a wonderful group of people.”

Tess is now studying Fine Art Sculpture at the University of Brighton.

“The confidence and experience I have gained from being a part of ST-ART has definitely impacted on my journey to Brighton toand I hope to still be able to come back in the holidays to see the amazing work that ST-ART does.”

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